Accuracy of Person Perception & Leadership Experiences (APPLE) Research Laboratory

The main focus of the APPLE research lab at the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse is increasing understanding of the ABCs (Antecedents, Behaviors, & Consequences) of those who excel at the ability to make accurate personality judgments of others.

Important decisions are informed by our assessments of others’ characteristics, especially during early interpersonal relations. Therefore, it is critical to understand the factors influencing the accuracy of such judgments. Our research interests are just this, as we explore the accuracy of first impressions of personality and the interpersonal behaviors due to such judgments. Research emphasis is placed on:

  1. Understanding why some people are more accurate in their perceptions than others.
  2. Gauging to what degree the good judge of others is trainable.
  3. Discovering how the accuracy of perceptions is related to the positive leadership of others.

The Research page of this site offers more detail on each of these three lines of inquiry.